Sunday, April 5, 2009

Patience & Perseverance

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect 
before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."   

 -John Quincy Adams


  1. I love this quote!!!
    It all depends on how you wish to perceive your world....
    realizing that every single step of the process is exciting and fulfilling will eliminate a sense of rush in your life.

  2. How timely! I was just feeling one of those "real down" mood this weekend. Nothing is really moving.Few clicks in my web site, few comments like "this is really cute" or "nice work" or "How do you do this wire wrapping...don't your eyes hurt?..." but nothing sold.

    My hubby's smirks- when I am too concentrated twisting those gold filled wires - I get sooo ANGRY and then I do feel GUILTY too. I should have kept my nine to five job instead, I think.

    I am SCARED to do Arts and Craft shows. Where do I get to know about them any way...I think.

    Then next morning some little emails come...little hopes of sun shine, a simple link of fellow artists like your blog and I am healed, nourished to go on doing what I love to do. I just must remember that quote of patience and perseverance... Thank you so much, Lynn.With love- Dita

  3. Your welcome, Dita.

    You don 't need to be scared of arts and crafts shows. To find out where they are contact state art organizations and state tourism agencies. I highly recommend Rena Klingenberg's book, "Ultimate Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth". Last summer I had exactly 2 months to get ready from the ground up for my first juried art show in September. Without this book and a lot of organization and self-discipline I could have never done it.

  4. Hello everyone!!
    I am also a jewelry maker. This topic is truly for me because I am so hesitant in trying designs that require lots of time to complete. I am happy to know that I am not the only one facing these issues. My designs are more for the African market. You can see them on my bead collection at I would be happy to hear feedback and suggestions.
    Thanks again for this forum.

  5. Your welcome! Glad to have you here!