Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2010. It’s hard to believe we’ve lived through a whole decade in the 2000’s already. Time sure does fly. Its that time of year when everyone thinks about what they did or didn’t accomplish in the past year. How did you do on your home business goals? I found a very helpful post on Alyson Stanfield’s website, ArtBizBlog. She suggests focusing on your ACCOMPLISHMENTS and gives you several good questions to think about. I went through, listed my accomplishments, and read them over. It made me feel really good. Good progress was made in many areas in 2009, including trying new sales venues, like an outdoor show and placing my jewelry in businesses, such as a salon, an art gallery, and a winery. I even took my own advice and got a job teaching jewelry making at our local technical college. I got interested in Precious Metal Clay and threw myself wholeheartedly into learning this fairly new metal media, buying all the tools and equipment required to create fine silver jewelry. I even cleaned a space on the counter in my laundry room so I could work on it there without having to go down into the dark and cold basement. In March I plan to take the Level 1 PMC certification class. Now there is some positive motivation!

What was the most glaring thing I didn’t do in 2009? Enter my art work in shows and competitions. I really would have liked to have increased my body of work more. That is my goal for 2010: create and make more jewelry and get it out there and noticed. Isn’t that supposed to be the fun part, anyway?

What major goal did YOU accomplish in 2009? What’s YOUR big goal for 2010? Let us know!